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Most popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery continues to be popular for a variety of reasons, whether it's to repair damage as a result of physical injuries or to enhance the look of patients. The following were the most popular plastic surgery procedures of last year, all of which continue to...

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Top cosmetic procedures for WOMEN

Cosmetic surgery, which often includes plastic surgery, has become increasingly more popular since the recession, with more people (both men and women) choosing to undergo more cosmetic surgery since 2008. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic...

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Recession and Plastic Surgery

The last few years have seen impressive gains for the plastic surgery industry. The recession in 2008 caused a bit hit to the plastic surgery industry as it did to many other industries. In 2009, roughly 77 percent of plastic surgeons believed that the poor state of...

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Top cosmetic procedures for MEN

Cosmetic surgeries, including plastic surgeries, tend to be identified as being something that women do. While the majority of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women, there are plenty of men who choose to have cosmetic surgery as well. In fact, according to the...

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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a term used to describe patients that are traveling to another country in order to have a medical procedure done. Patients from lesser developed countries that can afford to travel will often go to a different country in order to pay for higher...

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation has been one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery for years. A breast augmentation procedure can help to increase the fullness and projection of a patient's breasts, help improve the balance and proportion of the female figure and help to...

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Best Procedures for Sexy Legs

For many women, the look of their legs has a big impact on their self confidence. They want their legs to look as sexy as possible, especially if they are going to the beach or live in a warmer climate where showing off their legs is as much about comfort as it is...

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Lasers vs Facelift

There are numerous reasons why a person might want to get cosmetic surgery for their face. Maybe the patient has more wrinkles than they would like and surgery would help to remove those wrinkles, thereby helping them improve their confidence. Maybe the patient was...

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Picking a Plastic Surgeon

When considering getting cosmetic surgery, choosing the right plastic surgeon is extremely important. The last thing the patient should do is choose a plastic surgeon that is under qualified or that has a reputation for poor quality work just because they are cheaper....

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